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Cell Mounting

Cell Mounting


Cell mounting media for fluorescent immunohistology

Fluoro-Gel cell mounting media for fluorescent immunohistology is a new unique aqueous mounting medium designed to preserve fluorescence in tissue and cell smears in immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy.

The formula does not contain phenylenediamine, known for destroying the fluorescence of Cy dyes, R-PE, PC and APC and prevents rapid photobleaching of the most commonly utilised dyes. Fluorescence can be retained for longer periods of time through dark storage at 4°C.

Formulations are also availbe with DAPI and PI for in situ hybridization applications or other DNA staining methods.

Instructions for use

Product No. Description Size Price
FP-AL2561 Fluoro-Gel 20 ml £47.70
FP-AL2562 Fluoro-Gel 100 ml £143.20
FP-AL2563 Fluoro-Gel 250 ml £286.40
FP-AL2564 Fluoro-Gel 1 litre £763.60
FP-DT094A Fluoro-Gel (with DAPI) 20 ml £57.30
FP-DT094B Fluoro-Gel (with DAPI) 100 ml £238.60
FP-DT095A Fluoro-Gel (with PI) 20 ml £57.30
FP-DT095B Fluoro-Gel (with PI) 100 ml £238.60