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Ready to use Devices

Ready to use Devices

Ready-to-Use Dialysis devices became popular in the late 1990's as they provided additional convenience for the management of samples (particularly small volumes) and aided sample recovery.

Spectrum consolidated this range in the summer of 2008. The DispoDialyzer® has been discontinued and the Float-a-Lyzer® has been modified to improve sample recovery, performance and price. This new unit takes advantage of the wide range of MWCO's and excellent physical characteristics of their Biotech Regenerated Cellulose and Cellulose Ester membranes.

Spectra/Por® Float-A-Lyzer® G2


The Spectra/Por® Float-A-Lyzer® G2, the next generation in Ready-to-Use laboratory dialysis devices featuring Ultra-pure Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane.

  • 95 - 98% Sample Recovery
  • Highest Membrane Purity
  • Superior Handling & Leak Prevention
  • Volume Specific Dilution Control
  • Complete & Ready-to-Use Packaging

Sample Recovery, Purity and Dilution Control

Spectrum's proprietary Biotech Grade CE is a low protein-binding synthetic membrane available in 4 precise MWCO's with no heavy metal and sulfide contaminants. The cylindrical tubing geometry prevents sample dilution (associated with cassette-type devices) and provides open access for total volume retrieval. The Float-A-Lyzer® G2 assures a 95-98% sample recovery while maintaining 99% sample purity and <1% sample dilution.

Designed for Ease-of-Use and Leak Prevention

The leak-proof screw-on cap with sealing o-ring provides easy access with included pipette for loading, in-process testing and sample retrieval, without the risk of needle punctures. The included floatation ring improves sample buoyancy and vertical orientation during dialysis. The sleek design allows multiple samples to be dialyzed in the same reservoir.

No additional kits, buoys or accessories are required. The Float-A-Lyzer® G2 is packaged dry and ready-to-go with all components included.

  • Rinse with water
  • Load sample with Pipette
  • And dialyze






Screw on cap: Open & close for in-processing sampling
Color-coded for MWCO
Silicone O-ring: Leak proof and resealable
Floatation Ring: Device body inserts through center to maintain buoyancy in buffer
Top/Bottom Piece: Polycarbonate
Membrane: 3 volume-specific sizes
Potting: Polyurethane
Sample Loading: Disposable pipette for 5 & 10 ml (included)
Pipette tip for 1ml (not included)

Product Specification

Membrane Type: Biotech grade Cellulose Ester (CE)
4 MWCO's: 3.5-5 kD, 8-10 kD, 20 kD, 100 kD
Pkg & Qty: Dry with glycerol, 12/pkg


Volume: 1 ml 5 ml 10 ml
Total Length (cm): 5 10 16
Membrane Dia (mm): 10 10 10
Top Piece Dia (mm): 23 23 23
Floatation Ring (mm): 38 38 38