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Polymer - Atoll PSDVB

Atoll is Interchim’s proprietary pure spherical PSDVB (polystyrenedivinyl benzene) polymer based sorbent compatible with all matrices/ pH range and displaying optimal capacity.

AtollTM X (Xtrem) 40um, 800m2/g. High capacity (>20%). MW < 3000D Hyrdophobic support for non-to-mildly polar compounds.

AtollTM XC (Xtrem Capacity) 30, 70um, 1500m2/g. High capacity (>30%). MW < 3000D. Our most versatile PSDVB support for polar and non polar compounds. Surface area establishes up to 3 fold increase in loading capacity over traditional silica sorbents.

AtollTM XWP ((Xtrem Capacity Wide Pore) 90um, 1200m2/g. High capacity (>25%). MW <400KD. High capacity and wide pore size made XWP suitable for extraction of proteins, peptides and other macro-molecules from biological fluids / viscous samples.

Type Description
X Atoll Xtrem (X), PSDVB polymer, 40um, 800m2/g. pH 1 - 14
XC Atoll Xtrem Capacity (XC), PSDVB polymer, 30um & 70um, 1500m2/g. pH 1 - 14
XWP Atoll Xtrem Capacity Wide Pore (XWP), PSDVB polymer, 90um, 1200m2/g. pH 1 - 14