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Custom Synthesis

From mg to KG's...

Interchim has custom manufactured products for the scientific business sector since the foundation of the company over 40 years ago. For over a decade, Interchim has invested in facilities and a dedicated team of 'core competence' chemists to service a diverse portfolio of chemistry based custom services.

Today's Custom Services challenges involve the utilization of any type of organic synthesis:


reduction - protection - deprotection - cyclisation - substitution - addition - methylation - bromation - structural modification...


We endeavor to provide a prompt quotation to all enquiries. Offering competitively priced solutions, fast and reliable projected-to-achieved delivery times, and a high quality product. Interchim's central lab's were built in 2000 and occupy over 1600m2. They are equipped with the most modern instrumentation, to asist a range of manufacturing techniques, using high quality raw materials and components.


Fine Chemistry Instruments


Quality: Interchim dedicate a project manager and a team of support chemists / analysts based upon the demands of the project. Time frames are established at the initiation of the project to monitor the identified key processes. The key processes are monitored from the initiation to the point of product delivery. Delivered compounds are supplied, with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and batch number. Compound average purity is 97%, and minimum purity is at least 95 % unless client demands specify lower grades. Compound structures are determined by NMR or mass Spectometry. The CoA states the method used.
Confidentiality: Client confidentiality is guaranteed. All project data is held in specific, process controlled files.
History: History and the retention of core competence is particularly essential in custom synthesis. With over 40 years experience in manufacture in chromatography, chemistry, supplier collaboration, partnership with scientific experts such as Pr. Giang VO-THANH - Institut de Chimie Moleculaire et des Materiaux d'Orsay. Interchim are well positioned to provide a competitive edge to your chemistry and chromatography based custom service needs.
Collaborations: Interchim have established a comprehensive network of public and private partnerships over 40 years. Such collaborations are essential to call upon relative expertise and to support the changing demands of clients. They enable Interchim to provide answers to the diverse on-going market needs.
Cost: The majority of projects are undertaken on a fixed quotation basis. Fixed term contracts may also be adopted to provide a lower overall cost for higher volume applications.