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Flash Chromatography

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puriFlash® 450 - high-end flash

  • 250 ml / min 50 bar max pressure
  • Unparalleled flash speed, accuracy & reproducibility
  • Preparative capability
    • Up to 80mm i.d prep columns
    • Up to 1.6Kg flash cartridges

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puriFlash® ELSD

Interchim ELSD: Exclusively optimised to flash applications

  • Flash specific nebulizer to avoid clogging from flash grade solvents
  • Signal optimisation to avoid saturization from flash sample loading

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puriFlash® High Capacity (HC) Flash Cartridges

  • Load 4x as much sample (up to 20% of cartridge bed weight)
  • Vast reductions in:
    • Flash cartridge cost
    • Solvent and waste costs
    • Run times
  • Enhanced purification and collection volume

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