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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon cartridges are designed for the removal of contaminants and impurities from samples.

Puriflash Activated Carbon

Product No. Size Qty Price
PF-AC/3G 3G 16 POR
PF-AC/10G 10G 8 POR
PF-AC/18G 18G 8 POR
PF-AC/30G 30G 8 POR
PF-AC/60G 60G 4 POR
PF-AC/90G 90G 4 POR
PF-AC/160G 160G 4 POR
PF-AC/250G 250G 2 POR
PF-AC/650G 650G 1 POR
PF-AC/1300G 1300G 1 POR