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Silica - Speciality

Speciality phases developed on a silica platform supporting a wide variety of applications.

Product No. Description
Cyano (CN) Boronic acids
C4 Hydrophobic peptides/oligopeptides
C8 Mild hydrophobic peptides/oligopeptides
DEAP Diethylaminopropyl - Less polar form of NH2 for med to high polarity compounds
Diol Polarity between C18 & Silica offers selectivity variation. Strong solvent compatibility
HILIC Aqueous normal phase separation of water soluble compounds.
MM1 Mixed mode - Reverse phase & cation exchange. Mid/ non polar organic compounds
NH2 Carbohydrates, polar organic, compounds, anion and organic acids
NH2HC Increased capacity for carbohydrates, polar organic compounds, anion & organic acids
RPAQ Allows 100% water starting gradients, peaks elute earlier v C18. For mid to high polar compounds
SAX Anionic charged compounds, strong anion exchange
SCX Cationic charged compounds, basic organic compounds